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Wildheart Organics

Dreams Pillow Mist

Dreams Pillow Mist

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Pillow Mist with Lavender, Jasmine and clary sage. This 50ml brown apothecary-style bottle comes in a recycled tube, perfect for gifting or storing.

Simple spritz pillow and inhale the sedative aromas before drifting into a restful restorative sleep.
Packed with therapeutic grade essential oils all carefully chosen to help you drift to sleep.


About Wildheart Organics

There are very few companies like Wildheart Organics; their unique aromatherapy blends are made using high quality 100% essential oils, free from artificial perfumes, 'nature identicals', filler isolates and petrochemicals.

Every product is handmade in the Wildheart Organics eco studio in Edinburgh. 

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