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Wildheart Organics

Stress-Free Sanctuary Essential Oil Blend

Stress-Free Sanctuary Essential Oil Blend

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Stress-Free Sanctuary Essential oil blend (10ml) by Wildheart Organics for diffusers and oil burners.

A complex composition of 21 pure essential oils all selected for their calming and de-stressing properties.

The heart of the fragrance is exotic jasmine, chamomile and floral geranium, whilst calming cedarwood and patchouli bring soothing base notes to the blend.

About Wildheart Organics

There are very few companies like Wildheart Organics; their unique aromatherapy blends are made using high quality 100% essential oils, free from artificial perfumes, 'nature identicals', filler isolates and petrochemicals.

Every product is handmade in the Wildheart Organics eco studio in Edinburgh. 

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